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Leading Cases

Civil Cases

We have represented citizens, detainees, and prisoners whose State and Federal Constitutional rights may have been violated by the government.

The plaintiff, a voluntary fireman, was severely burned while fighting a grass fire. (Burleigh County 2006). Trial court refused to adopt "Fireman's Rule of Immunity."

Plaintiff, a state senator, sued the North Dakota Secretary of State and Attorney General for wrongly interpreting the state campaign finance laws. (Grand Forks County, 2002).  The Court ruled for the plaintiff and imposed costs against the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. 

Plaintiff was injured at his place of employment by the negligence of a temporary employee.  (131, 649 NW 2d 218. ND 2002). Plaintiff's verdict.  Case settled after appeal. 

Plaintiff farmers brought breach of warranty claim against manufacturer of cattle feed supplement. (Burleigh County 1998). Plaintiffs' verdict.

Testamentary transfers of elderly widow were affirmed by trial court and Supreme Court. (16, 575 NW2d 425 ND 1998). 

Crop spraying business was harmed when wrong kind of fuel was delivered to fuel tanks. (Griggs County 1998). Plaintiff's verdict.

Plaintiff brought a products liability action against an asbestos company. (559 N.W.2d 204 ND 1997). Plaintiff's verdict.

Plaintiff, a 64-year-old handicapped man, slipped and fell in entrance of store. (Burleigh County 1997). Plaintiff's verdict.

Plaintiffs were injured in a motorcycle/car accident. (Turtle Mountain Tribal Court 1994). Plaintiffs' verdict.

Plaintiff was injured in an automobile accident. (Turtle Mountain Tribal Court 1992). Plaintiff's verdict.

Plaintiffs brought a bad faith claim against an insurance company. (McLean County 1992). Plaintiffs' verdict.

Plaintiff, a farm manager, brought an action alleging a breach of an employment contract. (Grant County 1988). Plaintiff’s verdict.

Plaintiff was injured in a motorcycle accident. (Burleigh County 1988). Plaintiff’s verdict.

Plaintiff was injured in oil field accident. (653 F. Supp. 512 DND 1987). Plaintiff's verdict.

Plaintiff was a farmer who was injured on a Haybuster Undercutter. (Emmons County 1987). Plaintiff's verdict of compensatory and punitive damages.

Plaintiff sued insurance company for policy limits on apartment building destroyed by fire. (401 N.W.2d 155 ND 1987). Plaintiff’s verdict.

Clients' daughter tragically died as a result of a head on collision caused by a drunken driver going the wrong way on the interstate (Burleigh, 2016).  Jury Trial, 2019.

Plaintiff was injured in a bicycle/motor vehicle crash.  Case settled at mediation.   

Plaintiff suffered hail damage to home and property (Burleigh County 2020).  Breach of contract and Bad Faith claim against insurer.  Case settled after commencement of litigation.

Plaintiffs family member tragically died as a result of motorcycle/truck crash.  Case settled at Mediation.